Sharing Kentucky’s story includes Louisville Water’s liquid assets

Sharing Kentucky’s story includes Louisville Water’s liquid assets
December 6, 2017

A lunch meeting high atop the Buckhead Club in the suburb of Atlanta included an invitation on the menu: come to Kentucky, we’re ready to do business. A group of Atlanta business professionals whose job is to create economic growth got a taste of Kentucky’s booming investment success. In 2018, the state will set a record for private investment, more than $8 billion, crushing the old record of $5 billion a few years ago.

A chunk of that investment is in the region where Louisville Water operates so the Atlanta guests also heard about the “liquid assets” that make the Louisville region and Kentucky work.

The Atlanta professionals were guests of Kentucky United, an organization that travels across the United States and other countries to tell Kentucky’s story. Kentucky United blends the state’s partners such as utilities, regional and local economic development entities and the economic development cabinet with decision makers in other communities. The goal is to improve the overall image of Kentucky so when a site selector has a potential project, they think of Kentucky.

For Louisville Water, a visit to other communities is the chance to share the company’s liquid asset story. With the highest water quality in the region, an abundant supply and some of the lowest rates, Louisville Water is a link to any business that’s looking to land in Kentucky or an existing one that needs to expand. Louisville Water’s VP of Communications, Marketing & Economic Development Kelley Dearing Smith represents the company on Kentucky United trips. “From Dallas to Atlanta, our reputation for quality is well-known,” said Smith. “For industries that have a large water footprint or ones where a high-quality supply matters, we’re a great resource.”

Kentucky’s governor often talks about his goal of Kentucky being the center of engineering and manufacturing excellence in the U.S., which are industries that typically need an abundant, reliable supply of water. Louisville Water has an abundant supply. It’s reserve capacity could accommodate up to 35 auto manufacturing facilities. These types of visits spread the word to potential investors that the water supply in Louisville will certainly meet their needs.