Enjoy Louisville pure tap®


Whether you are running to the gym or organizing a block party, Louisville pure tap® can—and should—be your beverage of choice.

Louisville pure tap® bottles Quench your thirst in the greenest way possible. Grab a 20-ounce, BPA-free, made-in-America, dishwasher-friendly reusable pure tap bottle and fill up at a faucet, fountain or tap near you. Louisville Water provides customers with two free bottles per year. Request your pure tap bottle today!

Coolers and Cups Looking for a way to serve ice-cold water to up to 500 people? Borrow our 5-gallon self-service coolers, fill with ice and Louisville pure tap®  and your're ready to go. We even provide the cups. Each cooler fills 80, 8-ounce servings. Reserve this Fill & Chill option today! 

Pure tap to GO. Hosting an event for 1,000 or more people? We love to help hydrate the masses so invite us to attend, too! Fill out the request form and if our schedule allows, we'll be there. We bring with us units that hook directly into a water line, allowing us to serve chilled water to your attendees. This is all at no cost to you. Reserve your date quickly, as we're a frequently invited guest. *Please note, we cannot accept any requests during COVID19. 

Purely local partners. Are you a local business that uses Louisville pure tap®  ? We'd love to partner with you to help promote your businesses to more than 1 million Louisville Water customers.   

All items are for customers in the Louisville Water Company service area only. Please call 502.569.3600 ext 2195 with questions.