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Businesses who join purely local understand that their customers have high expectations – safe, healthy foods and beverages; a dedication to using locally-sourced products and services whenever possible; and a commitment to a smaller environmental footprint.  Louisville Water can help you keep those promises by keeping the pure tap® flowing. 

The purely local business initiative includes personalized materials to let customers know about your participation.  Louisville Water provides:

  • purely local window clings
  • purely local magnets
  • purely local signage, including table tents and posters
  • pure tap® water cooler or fountain wraps
  • pure tap® branded soda tap labels
  • pure tap® water pitchers
  • pure tap® carafes
  • pure tap® pet drinking bowls
  • pure tap® t-shirts and refillable water bottles as giveaways or for your staff and more!

In exchange, what we ask of you is that your business offer and promote pure tap® to your customers. Check out our current list of partners here.

It’s a winning partnership for your business, your customers and the community! Interested in becoming a partner?  Complete this request form today.