School Field Trips

We have fun down to a science!

We have fun down to a science!

Who says learning has to be boring? Not us! Our dynamic field trip options at the Water Works Museum are educational and entertaining.

Water is an engaging teaching tool for students of all ages. We offer real-world, one-of-a-kind education experiences at our WaterWorks Museum, the historic Louisville Water Tower and on-site in the classroom. Designed to meet school content standards, we use science, social studies, practical living, literacy and math to bring water to life.

Field trips provide interactive learning at Louisville Water Tower Park through tours at the Water Works museum, plus a visit to an active pumping station. Guided tours and on-site lessons cover a wide range of subjects, including the Properties of Water, the environmental impact of erosion and weathering.

Tour Rates:

$5.00 per student
$5.00 per chaperone
Teachers are free

Classroom education extends the field trip learning experience into the school setting and focuses on the importance of water to the community's health and everyday living. Led by our education specialists, and on-site classroom program is offered free of charge as part of the field trip package. 

We also offer an on-site classroom education program showing the journey of water through both Louisville Water and Louisville MSD's treatment processes. Learn more about our River to River program, which can also include a visit to Louisville MSD's Floyd's Fork pumping stations.

Through the years, we've created partnerships with several other local businesses to enhance the field-trip experence. 

Those partners are:

Contact us today for more information about one of the above programs or to schedule an education program, either in your classroom or at Louisville Water Tower Park and WaterWorks Museum. Please review our field trip guidelines prior to booking a field trip.