Examples of services and commodities bid through Procurement Services

Asphalt Milling & Pavement              

Engine & Transmission Repairs

Mechanical Services

Barricades, Lights & Cones               

Pipe & Valves


Plumbing Services

Poly Wrap

Construction Services           

Copper Tubing           

Concrete & Flowable Fill

Electrical Services                 

Sand, Soil & Rock

Elevator Maintenance           

Security Services

Employee Assistance Program                     

Site Restoration

Engineering Services             

Spoils Dumping & Hauling Fire Hydrants                 

Steel Casing, Boring & Jacking

Fleet Brake Services              

Surveying Platting & Mapping

General Office Supplies                    

Tapping Saddles

Grounds Maintenance & Snow Removal                 

Temporary Employment Services

Heavy Equipment Rental                 

Towing Services

HVAC Maintenance              


Hydraulic, Machine & Gear Oils                   

Utility Print & Mail Services

Insurance Brokerage Services           

Valve Boxes, Lids & Risers

IT Consulting Services           

Vehicle Wash Supplies

IT Software and Products                 

Water Bottles & Cups

Janitorial Services                 

Water Meters


Water Treatment Chemicals