FAQs about LINK

Louisville Water Company recently launched a new customer care and online payment system to better serve you. Through the personalized portal, called LINK, you can choose how to receive and pay your bill, view your water usage and manage your account information. We want to help you make an easy transition to LINK with the following FAQs.

General Questions about the New Customer Care System

Why did Louisville Water launch LINK, a new customer care and billing system?

Louisville Water’s previous customer care and billing system had been in place since 2000, and a lot has changed since then. Customers wanted more options, such as paperless billing, AutoPay and account management. We believe LINK offers an enhanced user experience and will serve our customers well for years to come.

How do I find my new 10-digit account number?

Visit this page, enter in your old account number (without the dash) and you will be given your new 10-digit account number.

Do I just login with same user name and password?

No, everyone needs to register as a new user first and then continue to enroll. But, you can use the same user name and password you used in the old site!

Who is the new system for?

LINK is accessible (and, we think, beneficial) for anybody who has an account with Louisville Water Company or Metropolitan Sewer District. It will be the portal for all accounts—business, residential, water only, drainage only, irrigation, etc.

When did the new system go live?

LINK was made available for customer use on March 23, 2015.

Why are you asking for my Social Security Number?

Louisville Water, like most utilities, uses Social Security Numbers to validate the customer’s identify.  Our new online portal requires a customer to enter their Social Security Number only during the initial registration process and ensures that they are connected to the proper account.

Louisville Water has an Identity Theft Prevention Program which detects, prevents and mitigates identity theft in connection with opening a new account and/or conducting transactions within existing accounts.  This program ensures that Louisville Water’s compliance with the rules and regulations of the Fair Credit Reporting Act and the Fair and Accurate Credit Transactions Act of 2003, 15 U.S.C. § 1681 et. seq.

Will my bill look different?

The bill looks slightly different. We've created a frequenlty asked questions page about the bill to help you clearly understand the small changes.

You now have the option to “go green” by opting for paperless eBill. This means you no longer receive a printed copy of your statement in the mail and instead receive an electronic copy.

Does this system change how I pay my bill?

Your account number has changed. You now need to use your new 10-digit account number in order to pay your bill. Beyond that, how you pay your bill does not have to change. Louisville Water is still committed to offering a variety of payment options to meet your needs.

Why has my account number changed?

Louisville Water has made every attempt to make the transition to LINK as smooth as possible. However, new account numbers were necessary. During this transition period, we will make it easy for you to find your new 10-digit account number.

Do I still pay my MSD charges through this system?

Yes. Your Louisville Water bill will continue to include sewer and draining charges from MSD, and you can pay that combined bill through LINK.

Have rates increased?

No. Louisville Water rates are approved annually by the Board of Water Works and are effective for the entire calendar year. Rates were not increased on the day LINK was launched.

Setting up Your LINK Account

Do I have to set up a new LINK account?

While setting up a LINK account is not mandatory, those who haven’t signed up are missing out. They do not have access to helpful information about their past bills and usage, and they are not able to use every available payment method. We encourage everyone to sign up with LINK in order to understand its features and how it can be used.

How do I set up my new LINK account?

Get started in five easy steps - watch this tutorial video for help with the process!

Use these basic instructions to register in LINK and enroll your Louisville Water account.

1. Find your account number on your statement. You will also need the phone number and Social Security Number (or federal tax ID number, for commercial accounts) associated with your account.

2. Go to LouisvilleWater.com and click on View Account.  Registration begins with your name and email address. A confirmation email will go to your inbox.

3. Follow the hyperlink in your confirmation email to register on LINK. Go to LINK to finalize your registration and choose your password. Stay in LINK for the next step, enrolling your account.

4. Sign in to LINK and enroll your account. Enter your account number and SSN (or federal tax ID number). Once enrolled, you will be able to use all the features in LINK.

5. Go to the Dashboard to choose how to receive and pay your bill.

What if I lose or have to reset my password?

You may request or change a password through LINK. Visit the log-in page to request a new password or the Dashboard to change your password.

Can I use the username and password from the old site and log-in to LINK?

No, this is a completely new system and therefore, you will need to re-register and enroll your account.

How do I find my new 10-digit account number?

The new account number will be on all bills mailed after March 23. If you would like your number before you receive your first bill, please click here. You will need your old Louisville Water account.

If I was signed up for automatic payments in the old system, am I still signed-up?

Yes, the AutoPay function transferred to the new system. Please note that there is statement on your account dashboard about payment extension – this is something completely different than automatic payments so do not be alarmed if it says you are not enrolled.

Are some browsers more compatible with LINK than others?

Yes, the browsers that support our system best are:

Download Google Chrome
Download Mozilla Firefox

Paying Your Bill

Will the information on my statement change?

The look of your statement is not changing at this time. The only change has been your new 10-digit account number, which you can still locate at the top right of your statement.

Will my payment schedule change?

No. If you are currently charged on a bimonthly basis, you will still be on a bimonthly schedule going forward. If you are currently on a monthly schedule, you will still be on a monthly schedule.

What are my payment options? 

Are online payments secure?

Yes. Safety and security are a top priority in everything we do. We have made every effort to ensure your personal information is secure.

I currently pay my bill through my bank. Do I have to change my account with them?

Yes. Your new account is now a 10-digit number. You need to reference this new account number when paying online or over the phone. If you are currently setup to pay through your bank, you need to update your Louisville Water account number with them.

I was enrolled in AutoPay. Do I have to fill out a new application?

No. AutoPay information has been transferred over into our new system, and customers should see no delay or changes in their AutoPay schedule

Can I set up at "Central Account" to manage multiple accounts?

You still have to individually register each account you manage. However, you may group and organize them in a way that is convenient for you.

What happens if I don’t register for LINK?

Customers are still able to make one-time payments without registering for LINK. However, those who haven’t signed up are missing out on helpful information and features. We encourage everyone to sign up with LINK initially to see what it offers and how it can benefit you.

Using LINK to Manage Your Account

What information about my water usage and account will I be able to see?

You will be able to view your water usage, past bills and information regarding your account.

Can I make changes to my personal information, payment method and statement preference whenever I want?

Yes. LINK is available 24-7.

How do I sign up as a new Louisville Water customer?

For your convenience, new customers will be able to sign up as Louisville Water customers through LINK. 

How do I close my account if I am moving or no longer need water service at my current address?

If you wish to close your account, you are required to call into Customer Care at 502.583.6610. We require this because the amount needed to close your account depends on several factors, and the best way to ensure the process goes as smoothly as possible is to  have a Customer Care representative go through the process with you over the phone.

Can I use LINK to turn my water service on and off when I go out of town?

At this time, customers wishing to suspend their water service for a period of time must do so by calling Customer Care at 502.583.6610. This feature may be something we revisit in the future, as we are always working to make your user experience as convenient as possible.

Helping You Transition to LINK

What should I do if I have more questions?

Please call Customer Care at 502.583.6610 with additional questions.