Kenmark Eyewear

Kenmark Eyewear

For over 40 years, Kenmark Eyewear, based in Louisville, Ky., has designed and distributed sunglasses and optical eyewear around the world. This employee-owned company has incorporated Louisville pure tap® into their everyday culture.

“Louisville pure tap has been engrained in our business for a long time,” said Susan Parker, Director of Purchasing. “We don’t use bottled water. Water coolers use pure tap and all of our coffee pot and ice machines, even our Keurigs, are tied to pure tap. Those are all consumed daily.”

Kenmark Eyewear prides themselves on being an employee-owned company that puts a big emphasis on their employees and company culture. During last October’s annual Employee Appreciation Week celebrations, Louisville pure tap® bottles were given to each employee, encouraging staffers to stay hydrated during their workdays.

Several Louisville pure tap® bottles can be seen atop employees’ desks for all of their hydration needs. But it’s not just about the reusable water bottles. It’s about taste, too.

“I like the fact that pure tap is consistently ranked high in the nation,” Parker said. “That makes me feel fabulous that we are in a place with great tap water. I love that Louisville pure tap gathers at local events, and it’s all about the tap water. It’s a great team of folks that are very community-minded.”

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