Louisville WaterWorks Museum Virtual Activities - Scavenger Hunt

Louisville WaterWorks Museum Virtual Activities - Scavenger Hunt

Welcome to our new series Louisville Water Works! Each week we will post a new video with a lesson and an at-home challenge. We will also share directions for challenges and activities that relate to each topic. 

Week 4: Scavenger Hunt... Where's The Water? 

It’s one of our most important resources. Here at Louisville Water Tower Park, much of the water for our community starts right at the Ohio River. On an average day, about 75 billion gallons of water flow by Louisville. 

When Louisville Water Company first began in 1860, the river water was cleaner. As industries and towns grew, so did the pollution in the water. While the Ohio River is cleaner than it's been in 40 years, river water must be treated before it is safe to drink. Louisville Water purifies and tests the water to make it clean and clear before distributing it.

In the 1890s, Louisville Water contracted with four companies to look at filtration. George Warren Fuller was hired to test and see what worked best for filtering Ohio River water. His work is the foundation for the filtration system we still use today. 

At Louisville Water, we operate an EPA-certified lab for testing and research. The chemists who work in the lab do over 200 tests on your drinking water every day!

Clean tap water is essential for many of the things you do every day from drinking to cleaning to washing hands. We also need clean water to remain safe from disease and to maintain good health. 

We can find water in a lot of different places.

Challenge: Water Scavenger Hunt

We challenge you to do a Water Scavenger Hunt where you live. Look inside and outside too. How many water-related items can you find? What about things that use water?


-1 piece of paper/notebook/cardboard

-1 writing utensil


1. Label the top of your paper “Water Scavenger Hunt”

2. Walk around indoors and write down each water-related item you find

3. Go outside (with an adult) and do the same

4. Share your list with us!

Activity: Writing Prompt

What was the most surprising thing that you found during your scavenger hunt? In what way does it relate to water?  Explain how your items might be different if the water company did not produce a good supply of safe drinking water.

Share it!

Share your completed challenges and activities with us. Tag us @LouWaterTowerPark and use the hashtag #LouisvilleWaterWorks

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