Modern Family Dentistry

Modern Family Dentistry

When you step into Modern Family Dentistry on Frankfort Avenue, you can tell right away that it feels like home.  Dr. Andrei Moldoveanu, DMD, is the owner, the dentist and, for many, a caring friend.  That's why he recommends drinking water over other beverages - he cares!

"Everything that you consume causes the bacteria in your mouth to have a 20-minute supply of food, except for water," says Dr. Moldoveanu. He also has great things to say about the water from your faucet!

"I think the attention to detail Louisville Water has in regards to everything from the water quality and their underground filtration system... it's groundbreaking technology."

It's not just his patients that he treats with the nation's best tasting tap water! Dr. Moldoveanu keeps a whisker water bowl filled just outside his office for the local dogs. He said, "I forgot to put it out one day, and there was a puppy just sitting there waiting for it. It's funny, dogs just learn that it's there, and when it isn't they're confused."

Learn more about Dr. Moldoveanu and Modern Family Dentistry at  By the way, you can call him Andrei -- his friends do!