Hundreds attend Louisville Water job fair

Hundreds of people attended a job fair hosted by Louisville Water Company Thursday in hopes of joining the customer service department.

The highly-anticipated event was held June 27 at Louisville Water Tower Park and was facilitated by Human Resource and Customer Service managers.

HR Manager Michael Simon said the event was a success.

“There were nearly 400 applicants,” he said. “We thank everyone for attending.”

Lisa Burnett, director of customer service and business operations, said the job fair reinforced Louisville Water’s positive image in the community.

“I found it very humbling at the amount of people who really want to work for Louisville Water. Several people showed up in their uniform from their current job looking for new employment,” Burnett said.

Members of the customer service team were on hand to help applicants navigate their way from standing in line to sitting down with hiring mangers for the onsite interviews.

Customer Service Representative Shenita Hutchings said the job fair was scheduled to end at 7 p.m., but due to the high number of applicants, wrapped up at 8:15 p.m.

“Everything ran smoothly and we had a great turnout,” Hutchings said.

The week before, the event was publicized on the radio and shared more than 150 times from Louisville Water’s Facebook page.

Burnett planned for a large turnout and had all hands on deck.

“It was beyond successful and wouldn’t have been so without everyone’s help and great teamwork!” she said.

If you attended the job fair and applied on-line, you will receive an e-mail from human resources with next steps. Visit for other job openings.