Agua Potable Limpia para Todas (Clean Drinking Water for Everyone)

 Agua Potable Limpia para Todas (Clean Drinking Water for Everyone)
September 29, 2022

If you’ve ever moved to a new city or state, you figure out quickly how great (or in some cases, not so great) the water tastes. When you’re used to drinking the award-winning Louisville Pure Tap®, it’s easy to forget that not everyone is so lucky.

Often times, people come from countries where the water is not safe to drink, and they have lots of questions about the water quality in a new place. Louisville Water’s Education and Outreach Team works to spread the message about how we clean water and why it’s safe to drink.

“We want to be part of that onboarding process with new customers, especially those from other countries.  It’s really important to partner with community organizations like  La Casita Center, who already have established trusting relationships with the people we’re trying to reach,” said Education and Outreach Manager Channa Newman. 

The facility, located in Old Louisville, is a hub for the Latinx community.

Last month’s back to school event drew a line down the block. Hundreds of families learned about Pure Tap, the health benefits of drinking water, and the importance of staying hydrated. They received reusable Pure Tap bottles to remind them that in Louisville “you do drink the water” and to fill up often!

Communications Specialist Ed Marin was a welcomed addition to the on-site Louisville Water team.  He has experience dealing with customers and is also bilingual. He was a big help chatting with customers and relaying critical information.

The monthly ‘Resource Tuesdays’ provide basic services like food and clothing, and information about vaccines as well as resources for housing assistance and adult education programs.

La Casita Executive Director Karina Barillas says it’s really about creating a caring community. “The most important thing is hospitality. We always say even if you don’t speak Spanish, kindness needs no translation, and all services are provided with integrity.”

Louisville Water plans to attend the monthly programs to promote the high-quality of Pure Tap and to remind new customers that it’s available “fresh from the faucet”.

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Louisville Water’s Education and Outreach team also works with other organizations who serve the Latinx community: Americana Community Center, Kentucky Refugee Ministries, and Catholic Charities.