Clearing up a misconception

Clearing up a misconception
July 13, 2017

Louisville Water has received several “cloudy water” calls this week. No need to worry – this is a normal occurrence. This is called entrained air and does not affect the quality, taste or odor of the water.

Cloudiness in your water is caused by tiny air bubbles and typically we see this issue in the winter due to colder temperatures but it can also appear when the water is warmer. 

When the water becomes more turbulent, like during a main break repair, or summer activities such as a rise in demand or hydrant testing, more oxygen is dissolved in the water. That oxygen becomes air bubbles when the pressure is released.

The air and water are held under pressure in your water pipes, much like the liquid in a bottle of soda. When you turn on your tap, the pressure is released, allowing the bubbles to appear, just as removing the cap from a soda bottle causes the soda to fizz.  

Simply allow your water in a glass to stand for a few moments and the cloudiness will begin to clear from the bottom to the top.