A doorway to local art

A doorway to local art
November 17, 2017

“It’s about the importance of water,” said Louisville artist Victor Sweatt. “It’s about cleansing, being revitalized inside and out — and it’s a perfect match for the water company.”

Sweatt was referring to Sacred Waters, an image he created in watercolor and colored pencil. A reproduction on vinyl is now displayed on a door on the Chestnut Street side of Louisville Water Company’s Third Street office.

The company is displaying the image because it recently joined the Alley Gallery, a project that the Louisville Downtown Partnership created to repurpose alley and back-of-the-building doors — a project that has turned the doors into an outdoor gallery featuring the work of local artists. 

In all, more than 70 downtown doors now feature artwork, and the Alley Gallery is on track to expand the total to more than 100 doors by the end of the year.

Two of Sweatt’s other works have been chosen for the project. His painting Ride Along is featured on the Marriott Downtown, and you can find his work titled Bases Loaded at 4th Street Live!

“As a painter, Victor Sweatt is unquestionably a realist,” notes a profile of the artist on the Louisville Visual Art website. “His images are recognizable and assured in the expressiveness of the human form, yet there is also a potent emotional quality that reaches for expressionism. It is there in the evocative gestures and postures of his figures, but it is also evidenced in the landscapes ....”

The profile also notes that Sweatt’s work often has “a slightly surreal quality, a heightened observation of the flavor of a scene.”

According to Kelley Dearing Smith, Louisville Water’s Vice President of Marketing & Communications, “there are hundreds of art submissions for the Alley Gallery. Working with a representative from Louisville Downtown Development, we identified a few that had a water theme. The image we chose reflects the purity of water and the classical features of the downtown building.”

Visit louisvilledowntown.org/alleygallery for a map of all the artworks installed by the project.