How and when to flush your lines

Cold Weather Tips for Your Water Pipes

December 12, 2017

Flushing the water lines inside your home can help maintain water quality.  Flushing is easy - either follow the steps below or watch our short video for an animated tutorial. 

Flushing procedures:


  • Run cold water from the highest point in your home, which is typically a bathroom/bathtub faucet.  Allow a strong stream of cold water to run for a minimum of five minutes.
  • Flushing a toilet twice or running a shower or bath will flush your lines.
  • Allow the cold water line to run for a minimum of five minutes before using the water for cooking or drinking. 
  • If work is performed on your outdoor water lines

Public health is our number one priority, Louisville's drinking water does not contain lead when it leaves the treatment plant and meets all Environmental Protection Agency standards for lead.