Why we told our Pure Tap story

Why we told our Pure Tap story
May 7, 2021

In the mid-1990s, Louisville Water started getting called from concerned customers about our tap water. We were told countless stories of door-to-door salespeople who said they were from “the water company” telling them the water was not safe to drink from the faucet. They would set up visits with customers to “test the water quality” at their homes.

The salesperson would trick the customer with fraudulent water testing: they would fill a glass with water and put an electrode in it, causing a chemical reaction in the water, turning it black. They also made false claims about levels of naturally occurring elements in our water in order to scare customers into thinking the water was not safe.

Once they got the customer scared, the salesperson would try to convince them to buy anything from new faucet filters to expensive under-the-sink home water treatment devices. Louisville Water alerted the media to these dishonest companies, who put a spotlight on their fraudulent practices. Additionally, many customers who purchased these products ended up calling us with water quality issues related to these systems.

But Louisville Water realized something from this experience. We needed to tell customers about how great our drinking water was. Worldwide industry leaders recognized the quality, safety, and scientific contributions of Louisville Water but since the company was not proactive about this message, customers were inclined to believe what water filtration device salespeople were telling them.

Louisville Water launched a fun, educational campaign to arm customers with information about the quality of Louisville’s Water. This was the beginning of our Louisville Pure Tap™ message -- we started outreach to schools, community partners, businesses, and organizations, telling them about our high-quality water, explaining the awards we won, and arming them with facts about drinking water from the tap versus bottled water. Residents can also visit our WaterWorks Museum to learn about our history, water treatment process, and our people. And we make sure to spread our message wherever our water is served. All this ensures that our customers can make smart choices about the water they are drinking.

Fast forward to 2021, and our message is clear. Our water is the best in the country and tastes great, and our customers know it. Louisville Pure Tap™ is missed by Louisville residents on vacation, and college students comment on our social media channels on how they miss Pure Tap because the water at school just doesn’t compare. Louisville residents can fill up a reusable bottle at home or at the more than 75 bottle-refill stations around the city when they are on the go. Whether you are at the airport, a LouCity FC game, taking in a concert at Paristown Hall, or visiting the Louisville Zoo, Louisville Water will keep you hydrated.

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