Winter - Not Always a Wonderland!

Winter - Not Always a Wonderland!
January 20, 2016

Low temperatures may turn ponds into ice rinks, but it won’t stop Louisville Water from keeping your water flowing. Every day we have more than 65 employees out in the field working—repairing main breaks, replacing older lines or maintaining fire hydrants. It doesn’t matter if it’s raining, sleeting or snowing. Their job is to ensure the quality water service you expect from us.

Crew members are prepared for frigid temperatures. They stay warm by dressing in layers and moving continuously. “It’s also not as cold when you are down in the hole working,” explained Crew Lead Mike Davis. “The hole keeps the wind off of you and if you’re dressed right, it’s not bad.” Some crews members take breaks in their truck to warm up as needed; others set up portable heaters on the back of the trucks.

While our crews focus on keeping themselves warm, three employees focus solely on approximately 1,850 of Louisville Water’s 24,000 fire hydrants that need to be “winterized” throughout the season. This ensures water doesn’t freeze inside and prohibit proper use of the hydrant during an emergency situation. The process of winterizing includes pumping out any standing water and adding a gallon of food-grade antifreeze. This ensures water flow. This process occurs throughout the season—typically from November to early March, depending on the weather. Louisville Water’s goal is to visit each hydrant three times during the season. Just like with the initial winterizing, the two follow up visits involve removing the existing antifreeze and standing water and replacing it with a new gallon of antifreeze. All hydrants are designed to keep the antifreeze contained within the hydrant.

Our customers expect to turn on their faucets and water to flow and firefighters expect to have water when they open a hydrant. Thanks to our dedicated crews, we don’t just meet, we exceed, these expectations.