Your Drinking Water is Safe

Your Drinking Water is Safe
August 10, 2016

You may see local media coverage on water quality in the Ohio River Valley. The focus of the stories is on PFOA—perfluorooctanoic acid, also known as C8. Here is what you should know about PFOA and Louisville Water:

PFOA is currently not regulated by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). However, in 2013, the EPA required water utilities to monitor for PFOA as part of research. Louisville Water conducted this monitoring in accordance with the EPA.

The health reference set by the EPA for PFOA is 0.07 parts per billion (ppb), and the minimum detection level is <0.02 ppb. In our 2013 monitoring, Louisville Water had two detections of 0.02 ppb (the method’s detection limit). We reported these findings in the 2013 annual water quality report.

Louisville Water does not see PFOA as a significant concern for health-related issues. Our water is safe to drink and use.