Noosh Nosh

Noosh Nosh

Top chef serves great food with great water

To say Anoosh Shariat is a popular Louisville chef is a bit of an understatement. According to a reviewer for The Courier-Journal, he could “open a pretzel stand in the middle of a forest and people would line up. Because he’s Anoosh. And because they know his pretzels wouldn’t be ordinary pretzels. Nothing he does is ordinary. That’s not how he thinks, cooks or treats his customers.”

Shariat made his debut on Louisville’s dining scene in the late 1980s at the Remington’s restaurant. He opened Shariat’s in 1993 and three years later was featured on Discovery Channel’s Great Chefs of America series.

After Shariat’s closed in 2003, he worked his kitchen magic for several other eateries and then left Louisville for a few years, but he returned in 2014 and opened Anoosh Bistro in the Brownsboro Road Shopping Center. In 2016, he opened the more casual Noosh Nosh in the building behind the bistro.

At both restaurants, he’s concerned not only with great food and great customer service but also with something that many diners take for granted — the water they drink.

Of course, water is used throughout any restaurant’s operations, from cooking to cleaning to making espresso, but Shariat also focuses on the health qualities of water and the importance of proper hydration.

“Water gives you energy,” he said. “Most people don’t drink enough. We’re mostly made up of water, and we need to drink it because it helps the body cleanse itself.”

Shariat even has written a blog on the topic. He encourages everyone to drink at least a gallon a day — right from the tap. “Louisville has good water,” he said. “It tastes good. It’s pure.”

So it’s no surprise that his current restaurants have joined Louisville Water Company’s Purely Local program, a series of partnerships the company has formed with local businesses and other organizations that recognize the importance of using and serving Louisville pure tap®, the brand the company has developed for its public water supply.

Purely Local includes dozens of Louisville-area restaurants, associations, offices and fitness centers. Organizations that join the program demonstrate a commitment to a smaller environmental footprint as well as to using locally-sourced products and services.

Louisville Water offers an array of Pure Tap-branded items, including water pitchers, signage, fountain wraps and even pet drinking bowls.

“We’re excited to be part of anything that promotes local businesses, and the Purely Local program is a good fit with us,” said Paula Barmore, Shariat’s wife and co-owner of the restaurants. “Plus, we feel very strongly that water is the best thing you can drink — and we’re fortunate in Louisville to have awesome water.”

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