One Water Partnership FAQs

What are the four goals of the One Water Partnership?

  • Improve every customer experience (Both internal and external customers)
  • Partner for progress
  • Drive revenue growth
  • Create efficiencies

Previously, One Water goals were focused on cost-savings. As we evolve, we realized the impact of a One Water Partnership can be much greater and secure our overall health into the future. Each goal is supported by several strategies as indicated in the One Water Partnership framework.

Has there been any progress or tangible results from the One Water Partnership?

Yes. There has been progress on many fronts such as sharing leadership, streamlining vendor contracts, achieving financial benefits, and developing the River-to-River education program together. 

Value of One Water pdf 

How long will the One Water Partnership exist?

MSD and Louisville Water leaders signed an Interlocal Agreement that will stay in effect until 2035. Both organizations are working to manage the total water cycle more holistically for the community. The One Water Partnership gives us a framework in which to do this. The One Water Partnership is not an initiative program or project. It is a - long-term strategy. Further, like many utilities across the U.S., there are many ongoing challenges we all face toward our primary strategic goal of Effective Utility Management. Some of these challenges include managing the effects of climate change, maintaining healthy watersheds, replacing aging infrastructure, and balancing the need to raise rates while keeping them affordable. The One Water Partnership is designed to anticipate and address specific challenges in our community. Until there are no more challenges, there will be a need for a One Water Partnership.

What departments are involved in the One Water Partnership?

The One Water Partnership is designed to address challenges and pursue opportunities wherever they may exist in our organizations. To date, we’ve been able to realize a One Water 

benefit from Fleet, Human Resources, Information Technology, Procurement, Customer Service, and Communications. We will explore opportunities in all areas that makes sense.

Does this mean each organization will keep their unique identity?

Yes. Our goal is not to mirror each other but for both organizations to excel by working together. We have come together to form a partnership that leverages expertise, common processes and resources to achieve our goals