Teacher and Classroom Information

Louisville Water Company began visiting classrooms in 2000 as a fun way to promote healthy living and eating among children.

Today, our educators interact with more than 40,000 students each year, using water as a teaching tool.

Many teachers take time out of their day to tell us how much both they and their students enjoyed our visits and hands-on activities. 

We offer free classroom visits to teachers and other educators, as well as on-site educational visits to WaterWorks Museum at Louisville Water Tower Park. 

Lessons align with school standards, cover core content areas and are a real-world extension of classroom learning.

Through the years, we’ve created partnerships with several other local businesses to enhance the field-trip experience.

Contact us today to book visit to your classroom for a visit from a Louisville Water educator or to schedule a visit to WaterWorks Museum. 

We look forward to teaching your students the story behind every glass of drinking water.