Water Quality Lead Test Kit

Our drinking water is free of lead when it leaves our treatment plants and as it flows through our distribution system to your home. However, drinking water can pick up lead from the pipes on your property. 

Lead was the water industry standard for pipes up until the 1950s, and lead continued to be used in privately installed pipes, faucets, and fixtures for decades. If you have concerns because of the pipes on your property, we're happy to provide a free testing kit. 

In 2020, Louisville Water announced it removed all known public lead service lines. Now we want to help you determine if there’s a lead line on your property. If there is, we can help. 

Use the Private Service Line Lookup tool below to see if we have information for your property.

Would you like to request a Water Quality test kit?

Here’s how it works: We will send a sample kit through the mail.  Then, you will collect samples and alert us when you’re finished. Our team will pick them up, analyze the samples, and follow up with results.

Did you receive a six-bottle water test kit? 

Watch this video to learn the exact steps you'll need to take in order to collect water samples from your home.

Alternatively, download and print these PDF instructions.