Cross Connection Control

Cross Connection Control

For over 150 years, Louisville Water Company has been in the business of protecting  public health by providing an abundant supply of high-quality, great-tasting drinking water. Now we are asking our industrial and commercial customers to join the fight to help protect the quality of our drinking water.

When pressure changes occur in the distribution system, water flow in pipes can be reversed, pulling potential contaminants from industrial and commercial businesses into the public water supply -- this is called backflow. By installing a simple device called a backflow preventer, a barrier is created between the public water supply and any potential pollutants.

Our Cross Connection Control Program was created to prevent potential backflow contamination. Our staff inspects industrial and commercial customer service lines (the line bringing water from the water meter into a business), fire protection and irrigation meters for potential hazards. Specifically, our inspectors check for the following:

  • if a potential cross-connection hazard exists,
  • if a backflow preventer is needed, and
  • if a backflow preventer has been installed.

If you are an industrial or commercial customer, you will notice an assessment fee called the Cross Connection Control Fee on your statement. This monthly fee supplements the Cross Connection Control Program.

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