Request Coolers & Cups

Thank you for your interest in renting Louisville Pure Tap® self-serve coolers! Customers in the Louisville Water service area may rent a maximum of six coolers per event, pending availability. These 5-gallon coolers hold 80 servings a piece, and a supply of 100 compostable cups is provided with each cooler.

The renter is responsible for filling and maintaining the coolers throughout their event.
Louisville Water does not provide ice and water for rentals.

Please fill out this reservation form at least 10 days prior to your requested pick-up date. All reservations are first come, first serve. You will be notified via email if your request is approved.

Rentals must be picked up and dropped off at the Louisville Water Company corporate office at 550 South 3rd Street. Business hours are Monday through Friday between 8:00 a.m. and 4:30 p.m.


Coolers & Cups

Renter's First & Last Name:(Required)
Address where coolers will be used(Required)
You must live within the service area to borrow coolers
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Rentals must be picked up and returned during business hours- Louisville Water is closed on weekends and most federal holidays. Please be mindful of the day of the week and any holidays when selecting your rental dates.
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One cooler serves 80, 8 oz servings
Each cooler will come with a supply of 100 cups. If you anticipate needing more or less than the standard allotted amount, please note the total number of cups you are requesting for your event. (Increments of 50)
Cooler Agreement(Required)
All coolers are sanitized by Louisville Water Company before being loaned to customers. The renter is ultimately responsible for the safety of event attendees and for properly maintaining the equipment provided by Louisville Water. As such, the renter must agree to the following terms for the request to be approved: 1. Renter is responsible for filling coolers with ice and water and will not put any other liquids in coolers. 2. Renter is responsible for the ongoing sanitation of coolers and the safety of event attendees. A copy of suggested best practices will be provided with your rental. 3. Renter will return all coolers and any un-opened sleeves of cups on or before the agreed upon date.