Louisville Pure Tap®

Louisville Water Company has a long history of supplying top-quality drinking water to our area. In fact, we started delivering fresh from the faucet water in 1860. Over the years, our award-winning tap water has become a source of pride. It’s a drinking water that’s so good we gave it a name  — Louisville Pure Tap®  — the first and only trademarked tap water in the country.

Pure Tap is nationally recognized for its quality, taste, and value. These core elements are why our community proudly encourages visitors to “drink like a local” when in Louisville.

What does it mean to drink like a local?

  • You always have access to safe, high-quality water straight from the faucet. Pure Tap undergoes 200+ daily tests to ensure quality.
  • You’ve got great taste! Pure Tap was voted the “Best Tasting Tap Water in America” twice by the American Water Works Association and outshines bottled water in blind taste tests.
  • By choosing to fill up at the tap, you reduce the need for single-use plastic bottles and help preserve our planet.
  • Did you know that bottled water costs over 1,500 times more than tap water? When you choose Pure Tap, you put money back in your pocket.


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