Water Is Essential to Economic Development

Supporting jobs, modern infrastructure and technological advancements, water is the lifeline of Kentucky’s top industries – agriculture, distilling and brewing, education, health care and manufacturing.

Creating a high-quality water supply that is abundant and reliable helps build strong, vibrant communities. Nearly one million people in Louisville and surrounding counties rely on Louisville Water. Our water mains stretch more than 4,200 miles, support more than 257,000 homes and nearly 25,000 businesses.

Every job we create in the water sector helps add another 3.68 jobs in the national economy.

Water is more than a natural resource, it’s a driving force in our economy.

Learn how water grows Kentucky here.


image of new plant76,000 Kentucky farms and 13 million acres of farmland rely on water.

Kentucky’s agriculture industry represents 50% of Kentucky’s total land acreage.

Distilling and Brewing

95% of the world’s bourbon supply is made in Kentucky.

brewing image240 craft breweries and distilleries require water for their products.

Distilling creates 22,540 jobs and produces $8.94 billion in economic output.

Nearly 20 distilleries and more than 20 breweries use Louisville Water.

Learn how water grows Kentucky bourbon and craft beer.


image of studentsThere are 173 school districts throughout the state and 1,233 schools requiring water for its students.

22,284 gallons of water are used daily by the average school.


image of Healthcare professionalsThere are 175 health care-related businesses in the Commonwealth, employing 30,000 people.

315 gallons of water are used per average hospital bed daily.



image of Truck on manufacturing lineKentucky is home to 4,500 manufacturing-related facilities, employing 250,000 Kentuckians.

Manufacturing, one of the top users of water, contributes $37.5 billion to Kentucky’s GDP.

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