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Louisville Water Company is an anchor in the region, supplying some of the highest quality drinking water in the United States to nearly one million people. From national brands to locally owned boutiques, more than 24,000 businesses use Louisville Water’s product.

Why? We’re reliable, affordable, and provide a product that’s unmatched in its quality. You could call us the “liquid asset” in the region’s economy.

Quality In Every Drop

Public health is at the core of Louisville Water’s mission. Louisville’s water quality consistently ranks among the best in the country — in the top 1% for outstanding quality and at the top for taste. Our treatment plants rank as two of the top 19 in North America for exceptional water quality. Louisville Water is one of only three systems to have the highest honor for maintaining quality as the water travels to homes and businesses. These distinctions come from the Partnership for Safe Water, a collaboration with the American Water works Association, the EPA and other water organizations.

Louisville Water has a rich history of innovation; filtration methods for drinking water production were pioneered here in the late 1800s and are used around the world today. High-quality water is important for the region’s thriving food and beverage sector. There’s a reason Kentucky is home to bourbon.

You can credit the limestone in the water supply for good drinking water and good bourbon. Some of the best-selling bourbons include Louisville Water’s recipe along with dozens of craft brews.

Locals can be quite proud when it comes to Louisville’s tap water. In fact, the drinking water is so good it has a name – Louisville Pure Tap®. Louisville Water was the first — and to date the only — water utility to trademark tap water.

Louisville Pure Tap® is proudly served at site visits, chamber events, board meetings, festivals, sporting events, concerts and of course, at homes and businesses.


In Louisville, water is an abundant natural resource. Every day, up to 75 billion gallons of water in the Ohio River flows by Louisville every day. On average, Louisville Water produces 120 million gallons of drinking water daily, which takes far less than 1% of the water that flows by daily.

Louisville is fortunate to have an abundant water source and Louisville Water has capacity. In fact, we can almost instantly double our daily production.

We deliver our water through more than 4,200 miles of water mains and systems of tanks and pumps. Our distribution system is just as good as the water quality, ranking in the top 1% for maintaining that quality from our tap to yours.

Louisville Water is also considered a national model for how to take care of what’s underground. To ensure reliability, we spend millions annually to replace or repair miles of water main.

Service Area

Louisville Water’s retail service area includes Louisville Metro plus parts of Bullitt and Oldham counties. We also provide water through wholesale partnerships to suppliers in Bullitt, Hardin, Nelson, Oldham, Shelby, Spencer and Meade counties.

A Good Deal

Louisville Water’s base rate is a good deal and the cost for water is some of the most affordable in the region. For large users, there are declining rate blocks. If you’re a small business, the rates for lower consumption provide value for your operations.

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