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Water Quality

We believe that quality water equals quality of life.

Since we first delivered drinking water in 1860, Louisville Water Company’s commitment to distributing high-quality water that customers can trust and rely on has been our guiding light.

Louisville Water scientists perform more than 200 tests every day on the communitys drinking water. It is tested at the treatment plants, throughout the distribution system, and at many customer taps.

As a result of our work, Louisville Water has received many prestigious industry awards that place us as a leader and influencer in our region and beyond.

Our tap water meets the Environmental Protection Agencys (EPA) strict health standards, and its so good we gave it a name, Louisville Pure Tap®.

The American Water Works Association named Pure Tap the The Best Tasting Tap Water in the Country” in 2008 and the Peoples Choice for Best Tasting Water” in 2013.

In Louisville, our water is a source of local pride!

In addition, each year we publish the Annual Water Quality Report to inform customers about testing results and the quality of their drinking water. To request a copy, email or call (502) 583-6610.

We prepare the report following the EPAs Safe Drinking Water Act Amendment, and customers receive the information every year by July 1.


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