Strategic Plan

Louisville Water employees, stakeholders, customers and leadership team spent the better part of 2018 crafting a new strategic plan. It is a thoughtful, yet ambitious guide for our company to follow over the next seven years.

Over the next seven years, we will embrace technology to improve the customer experience, focus on new lines of business and regionalization and expand partnerships on economic development. Louisville Water is a business, and it’s important that we view our plan with a focus on financial resilience.

We’ve committed to operate the utility with sound fiscal management and a rate structure that considers our customers’ needs.

Our workforce is the key to our success. The service our employees provide makes it possible for the region to thrive and for customers to enjoy a quality product that’s second to none.

We began operations in 1860 with 512 customers and now, 158 years later, nearly one million people use our product every day. We’re a lifeline to this region — a direct link to public health and safety, jobs and quality of life. Our success is directly connected to the success of the region.

This Strategic Business Plan helps continue a tradition of quality, service, innovation, and value.