Making Life Pure and Simple.

Serving high-quality drinking water throughout Louisville and our surrounding counties.

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gallons of Louisville Pure Tap® are provided each day to our customers

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tests performed on Louisville Pure Tap® each day

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3.5 Million
the number of plastic bottles saved from landfill by Louisville Water partners.

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4,200 Miles
of pipes placed throughout our service area

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“Water is something we can’t take for granted, as it plays a crucial role in our everyday lives. From the taste of bourbon to supporting our growing food and tech economies, our award-winning water ensures a top-shelf quality of life we as Louisvillians enjoy.”

Rebecca Fleischaker
Executive Director, Louisville Downtown Partnership

“I’m #PureTapProud and I prefer Louisville tap water to bottle water.”

Donna B.

“Louisville’s biggest flex is its tap water.”

Peter H.

“You can’t argue with airport signs. Louisville has the best tasting water in North America.”

Joel L.