Main Replacement & Rehabilitation

Our job is to deliver great-tasting, safe drinking water. That’s why we either replace or rehabilitate more than 35 miles of aging water mains throughout our distribution system every year. Think of it as preventative maintenance, similar to how you take care of a car or home.

Louisville Water’s Main Replacement and Rehabilitation Program (MRRP) has four goals:

  • Improved water quality and service,
  • Fewer public disruptions from unplanned repairs (fewer main breaks and leaks),
  • Improved system pressure and fire flow, and
  • Coordination with public agencies to minimize traffic impacts.

Engineers have a formula to determine when to repair or replace a water main. They review the history of each water main, looking for breaks and leaks and then comparing that with traffic patterns and the number of customers who depend on that water main for service.  Then, the engineers develop a priority list of projects.

If we’re replacing or repairing a water main in your neighborhood, you’ll get information before we start the project. Curious where we’re working now? Check it out.