Louisville Water Foundation

A Clear Vision and Mission

Louisville Water Foundation’s mission is to improve the health and well-being of both the local communities we serve and around the globe through water assistance and education. The Foundation is working toward a world where safe water is available to everyone, no matter where they live.

Supported Projects and Activities:

  • Drops of Kindness℠
  • Potable water solutions in water-poor communities
  • Water stewardship education
  • Surface or groundwater protection education
  • Watershed cleanup
  • Water assistance programs serving individuals and/or communities
  • Water awareness and education campaigns

The Louisville Water Foundation awards grants to 501c3 organizations based in Louisville, Kentucky. Nonprofits located elsewhere need a US-based fiscal sponsor or partner agency to apply on their behalf.

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Louisville Water Foundation History

Throughout its 160-plus year history, Louisville Water has directly contributed to improving the welfare of the communities it serves by providing water payment assistance, sharing water education, and engaging in charitable activities. In 2013, Louisville Water further demonstrated its commitment to the community by establishing the Louisville Water Foundation.

The creation of the Foundation consolidates the charitable and philanthropic efforts already carried out by the company behind one unified mission. Additionally, the formation of a separate nonprofit entity allows financial support from a broad base of public and private sources, further enhancing the Foundation’s ability to fulfill its mission.

The Foundation operates as a separate, independent entity from Louisville Water and was granted status as a tax exempt public charity under section 501 (c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code on July 14, 2013. A Board of Directors manages the business affairs and in 2016, the Foundation expanded the board to include a diverse representation of employees from Louisville Water, the Louisville Metropolitan Sewer District (MSD), and members of the public.


The Foundation’s two primary missions are: water education and water assistance. In addition, The Foundation contributes a portion of all donations to help struggling families in the community maintain access to the local water supply.

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To learn more about the Louisville Water Foundation, email grants@LouisvilleWater.com.


The Louisville Water Foundation allowed us to assist clients who have fallen behind in paying their Louisville Water Company bill. As part of this funding, we offered budgeting and financial planning to clients, which served a twofold purpose. We alleviate the immediate emergency and also prevent another emergency occurring.

We are grateful to funders, such as Louisville Water Foundation, to help us meet the needs of low income families.”

–Kim Embrey-Hill, Executive Director, Multi-Purpose Community Action Agency

How to Contribute

Want to help support the mission of the Louisville Water Foundation? There are several ways to get involved: