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Louisville Water educators visit with thousands of students every year.

Using water as a teaching tool connects science, social studies, and practical living to real world experiences.

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Engage your students in a variety of ways:

  • Digital lessons: Downloadable classroom resources, experiments, and videos created just for teachers
  • Virtual programs taught by a Louisville Water educator
  • Classroom visits from a Louisville Water educator
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Our five core lessons include:

  • States of Matter/Properties of Water: Students will discover the unique properties of water while reinforcing the meaning of the word “properties” as it relates to science.
  • The Water Cycle: Students will gain a basic understanding of how the Water Cycle works and the states of water.
  • Weathering and Erosion: Students will learn that weathering is the breakdown or change in rock and erosion occurs when soil and rock particles are worn away and moved by gravity, wind, water, or ice. They’ll also discover that weathering and erosion affect Louisville’s water source, the Ohio River.
  • Ohio River (Protecting Our Water Source): Students will learn the importance of the Ohio River, a healthy, plentiful community water source, and their responsibility to protect it.
  • Clean Hands Up! (Proper handwashing and germ prevention): Students will learn where germs hide, how they can make you sick and that handwashing is a great way to stop germs from spreading.

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