Service Application

Louisville Water Company is transitioning from manual to electronic processing.

Both options are currently available to customers. Follow the steps below to ensure timely processing of your application for a new water meter.

Application Completion

 Manual Submissions 

  • Please download, print, and complete the Service Application to submit manually.
  • That form is available here [pdf].
  • The completed and signed application, copy of plumbing permit(s), plot/site plan, and payment are needed to manually submit the application.
  • Please see the “Documentation Requirements” section for more information on plumbing permits and plot/site plans.
  • Payments for manual submission must be made by either check or money order. Applications will not move forward to the installations department until payment has been received in full.
  • Drop off or mail these items to our corporate office:

ATTN: Service Applications
550 South Third Street
Louisville, KY 40202

Electronic Submissions 

  • Click on the below Service Application button and complete all the form fields.
  • Please see the “Documentation Requirements” section for a list of other required materials. Please upload the required items through the online form.
  • Once the application is processed, a link will be sent to the email address provided on the online form requesting payment with debit/credit cards or EFT draft. Please note: If check or money order is the preferred method of payment, please use the Manual Submission process.
  • Payments must be submitted in full before the application will move forward.
Click Here to Submit Your Application

Documentation Requirements

Permits and Plans 

  • Plumbing Permits – The application will NOT be processed, and service will NOT be installed until the applicant provides a copy of the permit from the local plumbing inspection office/health department. A plumbing permit is required for ALL domestic and irrigation services. Plumbing permits may be obtained from the following agencies:
    • For property in Bullitt County: Bullitt County Health Department
    • For property in Jefferson County: State Department of Housing Division of Plumbing
    • For property in Oldham County: Oldham County Health Department
  • Plot/Site Plans – These are required for domestic, commercial, fire, and irrigation services for common areas and signature entrances. Please note: Depending on your geographic location, you may experience less than optimal water pressure.

Payment Methods

Manual Submissions: Check or money order required.

Electronic Submissions: Debit/credit cards or EFT draft.

Please note:

  • Applications will not move forward to the installations department until payment has been received in full.
  • If check/money order is the method of choice, we ask that you submit applications manually.