To prevent return or delay of application processing or service installation the form MUST be completed IN FULL.  The following items MUST be complete for timely processing of application.  Failure to complete or provide these items will result in a significant delay of application processing.

CONFIRM COST.  Contact the Service Applications Department at 502-569-3600 ext. 2162 or to confirm eligibility and confirm fee amount prior to applying.  Size, type, and preferred location of service MUST be determined prior to contacting Service Applications. 

SITE PLANS are required for Fire ServicesCommercial Services and Irrigation Services for common areas and signature entrances. 

Depending on your geographic location you may experience less than optimal water pressure. Click here for more information on water pressure.  

PLUMBING PERMITS.  The application will NOT be processed and service will NOT be installed until the applicant provides a physical copy of the permit from the local plumbing inspection office and health department.  All Irrigation applications MUST also include a physical copy of an Irrigation Plumbing permit.

Plumbing permits may be obtained from the following agencies:

  • Bullitt County Health Department (for property in Bullitt County) 
  • State Department of Housing, Division of Plumbing (for property in Jefferson County)
  • Oldham County Health Department (for property in Oldham County)

APPLICATION COMPLETION.  Applications will be further delayed if the information below is incomplete:

  • Account Holder name (Person/Entity assuming responsibility for water bill)
  • Tax ID/Social Security (of Account Holder)
  • Full Mailing address for water bill
  • Structure Type
  • New Service Full Address including Subdivision and Lot Number (if applicable)
  • County
  • Service Type (intended use for proposed utility)
  • Service Size
  • Stake Card Location
  • Name and full mailing address for Stake Card

Application MUST be signed

  • Legible printed name
  • Home and Cell Phone number of Account Holder and Applicant

PAYMENT METHOD.  Payment of the deposit in full is required at the time of application.  Payments in the form of CHECK or MONEY ORDER are accepted ONLY.

New Services application.