Purely Local Business Initiative

Louisville Water wants to invite you to join our growing network of like-minded businesses and nonprofits to celebrate sustainability, healthy living, and the liquid assets that make our community unique.

The Purely Local program aims to highlight local organizations that use water in a meaningful way. If you run a local business or nonprofit and are excited about the quality and taste of Louisville Pure Tap®, we want to connect with you! Through the Purely Local Program, Louisville Water and local businesses work together to promote our shared vision and serve our vibrant and growing community.

Members of the Purely Local program have access to a variety of materials to help you and your customers “drink like a local.” From reusable bottles, pitchers, coolers, and more — our complimentary beverage service supplies make Pure Tap an easy  choice! You can feel good about serving healthy, great-tasting, local water, while also minimizing your environmental footprint and limiting single-use plastic bottles.

We know your organization is dynamic. You have a lot more going on than just keeping customers and employees hydrated, and we want to create a dynamic relations hip with you! Our Purely Local partners have the opportunity to work with Louisville Water year-round on shared social media campaigns, in-person events at your facility, customer education initiatives, and special features on our website and newsletter. Share your mission with the over one million customers who use Louisville Pure Tap!

If the Purely Local program sounds like a good fit for your organization, contact our Public Relations Specialist, Kayla Hinrichs today!