Promoting healthy foods and drinks in Shelby County

healthy foods with water bottlePainted Stone Elementary School in Shelbyville promoted healthy living at a recent Family Health Night, and Louisville Water was there to help spread the message.  (Shelby County is a Louisville Water wholesale customer.)

Barbara Crow, Louisville Water Community Relations Specialist, talked to nearly 250 students and their parents about the importance of staying hydrated and cutting down on sugary snacks and drinks. The kids received Louisville Water reusable water bottles as well as Tapper stickers and bookmarks.

girls at schoolThe students also got to make bracelets. Then Crow asked them to name healthy foods or drinks the same color as the beads on their bracelets. She said the message seemed to resonate with even the youngest students.

“When I asked them to name something that was green and healthy, one enthusiastic 5-year-old [who was attempting to pronounce avocado] shouted aca-va-do!” Crow said.