Residents of the Commonwealth

KRS 61.872 (1) of the Kentucky Open Records Act mandates public agencies to recognize and respond to open records requests of residents of the Commonwealth, as defined in KRS 61.870 (10). Any request for open records must be made in writing, with the name legibly printed and include a description of the records you wish to obtain, and a statement of the manner in which you are a resident of the Commonwealth.

For Non-Commercial Request

Requesters may utilize our standard form which may be found here Request to Inspect Public Records Form. If this form is used, please attach the completed form to your request for records in NextRequest.

Request on behalf of Client

Please provide your client information in the “description” portion. Include your email address in the designated field. The client name and address should be in the “Your Information” section.

For Commercial Requests

If your request is for commercial purpose, meaning, all or any part of the records requested will be used directly or indirectly for sale, resale, solicitation, rent, lease of service, or any uses by which the user expects a profit either through commission, salary, or fee. An applicant requesting a public record for commercial purposes shall provide a certified statement with this request stating the commercial purpose for which it shall be used.

Please follow the directions below to provide the form with your commercial request:

  1. Please click here to download the form.
  2. Click on the Download icon (arrow pointing down) in the upper right-hand corner to download the document
  3. Complete the form
  4. Submit your request
  5. You will receive a confirmation email with the Request ID#, reply to that email and attach the completed form

Including Documents with Requests

If you would like to include a document with your request, you can upload it to the request after the request has been submitted or by replying to the confirmation email with the document attached.