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Louisville Water Company Bonfire (Electronic Bidding)

Bid Number Description Project Manager Buyer Advertise Date Bid Submittal Date


Water Treatment Chemicals Vinci Ilari Renee Fromme 8/5/2020 8/12/2020
20-19 Aluminum Hatches Brian Bobbitt Terri Young 7/29/2020 8/12/2020
20-35 Tapping Saddles for PVC & D.I. Pipe Brian Bobbitt Renee Fromme 8/5/2020 8/19/2020
20-97 B.E. Payne Water Treatment Plant Chlorine Dioxide Generation System Bart Potts Terri Young





20-100 Gridtie-Farm Spring Drive to Wolf Pen Lane Jamie Long Terri Young 8/19/2020 9/2/2020
20-56 Newburg Road Water main Replacement Project Denise Aaron Renee Fromme 8/19/2020 9/2/2020
20-103 Cardinal Hill Drainage Bart Potts Renee Fromme 8/19/2020 9/2/2020