Pure Spout® Filter System

pure spout fountainEvery child deserves high-quality drinking water. That’s why scientists at Louisville Water invented Pure Spout®, an immediate solution to help ensure high-quality water at a fountain.

Pure Spout is available through Blue Focus, LLC and it’s a simple yet innovative solution to reduce levels of lead that could come from old pipes and plumbing and get into the water in a drinking water fountain. Louisville’s drinking water does not contain lead when it leaves the treatment plant. The risk for lead to enter the water comes as the water travels through lead pipes and plumbing.

When our scientists realized that thousands of schools and childcare centers across the United States had the potential for lead plumbing inside old buildings, we saw a problem and set off to find a solution. While it takes years to remove lead plumbing from buildings, that doesn’t mean the drinking water fountain should be off-limits.

student drinking from Pure Spout fountain

Pure Spout logoPure Spout replaces the standard spout on most drinking water fountains with a replaceable filter. The filter is designed specifically to reduce lead in drinking water and has been certified to NSF/ANSI Standard 53 for lead reduction by IAPMO R&T. It’s an easy, proactive, and affordable solution.

Pure Spout is available in Louisville and across the United States through Blue Focus, LLC. It’s a product that continues our history of innovation and protecting public health. Learn more about Pure Spout.