Protecting Our Planet

Limiting Plastic Waste

Plastic bottle in oceanIn the United States, people use nearly 1,500 single-use plastic water bottles every second, and only 10% get successfully recycled . The result is millions of discarded plastic bottles crowding landfills and floating in our oceans — bottles that take over 450 years to breakdown!

The data is daunting, but there are a few small things you can do to help limit your environmental impact, and Louisville Water is here to help.

  • First and foremost, avoid purchasing single-use bottled water whenever possible. Louisville Pure Tap® has won multiple national taste-test awards, beating out other water utilities AND bottled water brands. Our scientists and engineers work hard to deliver great-tasting water straight to your faucet. We make it easy for our customers to drink sustainably without having to sacrifice quality or taste.
  • Second, bring a reusable bottle with you when you leave the house to hydrate on the go. There are several locations to fill up around Louisville — you can even bring an empty reusable bottle through security at the Muhammad Ali International Airport to fill up with Pure Tap before you hit the skies. Need a reusable bottle of your own?  Louisville Water customers can get two complimentary bottles per year.

Don’t forget to encourage your friends, family, and colleagues to make Pure Tap their beverage of choice. Every time someone in Louisville chooses to drink Pure Tap, fresh from the faucet, they save a plastic bottle from the landfill. Together we can make our city and planet a better place.

An Economical Choice

Did you know that bottled water is the top selling beverage in the United States? That’s right, Americans spend more on pre-packaged water than any other beverage, yet  bottled water is nearly 2,000 times more expensive than tap water. A person drinking 80 ounces of water per day will spend around $2,190 a year on bottled water, while the same amount of Pure Tap would only cost $0.82.

When you drink local and choose Louisville Pure Tap®, you not only help the environment, you put money back in your pocket — all without sacrificing quality or taste!