Employee Profile: Obe Everett, Program Manager/Director of Customer Information Systems

Employee Profile Obe Everett

Worked at Louisville Water since 2008

Obe Everett has witnessed a lot of changes at Louisville Water over the past 16 years.

As Louisville Water’s Program Manager/Director of Customer Information Systems (CIS), Everett leads a dedicated team focused on developing, implementing, and supporting initiatives that align with the company’s strategic plan.

“I’ve experienced a wealth of growth, innovation, and the opportunity to positively affect both our company and the community we serve. It’s truly been an incredible journey,” Everett said.

A typical workday for Everett includes managing projects, planning, execution, and control. He also oversees budget risk assessment to make sure all projects support Louisville Water’s organizational goals.

“The aspect I treasure most about my job is the ability to make a real difference in our organization and the communities we serve. From integrating cutting-edge technology to improving our enterprise solutions, to spearheading efforts that diversify our revenue streams. Each day brings fresh challenges and opportunities for innovation and positive change,” he said.

For someone eyeing a career in CIS, Everett gave the following advice:

“Remain curious, embrace innovative technologies and methodologies, and don’t hesitate to take calculated risks,” he said. “Additionally, cultivating strong relationships both inside and outside your organization is crucial for success.”

When Everett isn’t managing projects, he enjoys spending time with his family or cheering for Louisiana State University sports.

“In my downtime, I value quality time with my family, friends, and my beloved Portuguese Water Dog, Myka. I’m a passionate LSU supporter, so you’ll often find me rooting for my team across football, basketball, and baseball seasons,” he said. “I’m also committed to maintaining my relevance as a leader, mentor, and innovator, which includes reading up on leadership and technology trends, and pursuing new hobbies that challenge me to think differently and grow both personally and professionally.”