Facing challenges, learning leadership

Accounting Supervisor Alice Dawson said she “gained new perspectives on the challenges faced by different roles in the company” at Louisville Water’s 2022 Spring Leadership Academy.

“I was encouraged by how some partnerships developed, looking for ways to bridge gaps and make enhancements between departments to make Louisville Water a better place for everyone,” Dawson added.

Consisting of four half-day sessions over six weeks, the academy was designed to bring new, emerging, and seasoned Louisville Water leaders together to build relationships, sharpen managerial skills, and foster a culture of actionable personal and professional growth.

The academy covered a wide range of topics:

  • Becoming a Productivity Ninja
  • Having an Attitude of Gratitude
  • The Art of Accountability
  • Y(Our) Brand

Each participant partnered with a cohort to identify an opportunity to improve an area in their department, business segment, the overall company, or even the overall industry. The two-person teams presented action plans on the final day.

Dawson and Operations Supervisor Jamie Long were deemed the winners of the best presentation. With more than 25 combined years of Louisville Water experience, they presented a plan to fine-tune and simplify the daily crew assignment process, which impacts both of their business segments.

Long said the academy experience was “stressful but eye-opening. It was hard to be away from my day work to attend the sessions, but in the end, it helped me grow and learn ways to be a more productive and more understanding leader. I have also improved relationships with other individuals that were going through the Leadership Academy with me.”