Happy 159th Birthday, Louisville Water!

In 1860, Louisville Water was the first public water supplier in Kentucky, providing water to 512 customers through 26 miles of water main. But there was no type of treatment in the early days. Water was pumped from the Ohio River to the reservoir, a basin where mud and clay would settle, before water mains delivered it to customers.

159 years later, Louisville Water still relies on pipes laid in the 1860s (operational along Story Ave.), buildings which have stood the test of time, scientific filtration methods that set the standard around the world, and brilliant minds in order to continue delivering safe, high-quality water.

Today, that water is filtered (and award-winning for great taste!) and delivered to more than one million customers through 4,200 miles of pipes.

So on the 159th birthday of the “Water Works,” raise your glass for a toast to quality and innovation!

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