Louisville Water Service Board Finds the Rewards of Volunteering

Whether you volunteer your time, your talents, or donate to the community and charitable organizations, you often receive much more than you give. You’ll likely see that the biggest reward of helping others is the good feeling left in your heart.

Service Board members

Earlier this month, Louisville Water Service Board members joined several other groups at The Ali Center for The Greatest Give Back, an event that honors boxing legend Muhammad Ali’s legacy of humanitarianism. In less than two hours, the Service Board and hundreds of volunteers knocked out the assignment of designing and packing 2,500 personal hygiene bags!

Service Board members“Walking into the room, there was a lot of electricity; you could tell, a lot of excitement,” shared Louisville Water Paralegal Camille Fort.

“It was a really neat event because you are packing these personal care items and you know, every bag is the same, but what’s individual is what you put on (to decorate) the bag. It was nice to see everyone taking time to try to make it a little personal for whoever was getting that bag,” Fort said.

Service Board Greatest Give BackEach backpack contained items some of us might take for granted- a toothbrush and toothpaste, shampoo, conditioner, deodorant, and more. It may seem simple, but providing the gift of good hygiene can have a lasting impact.

Louisville Water and the Service Board are proud to partner with Metro United Way (who cohosted The Greatest Give Back) to support community projects throughout the year.