Our goal: Clean, safe drinking water worldwide

Today is the seventh annual Imagine a Day Without Water, a national education campaign that brings together a range of stakeholders to raise awareness about the value of water.

Louisville Water Company and the Louisville Water Foundation support the campaign and work to make sure people have clean, safe drinking water not just in the company’s service area but around the world.

For many years, the Foundation has supported both local customer assistance programs and local organizations with a global reach. One of these organizations is WaterStep, which works to ensure people have clean water in more than 60 countries. The organization shares knowledge and technology to help with water systems, well repair, and sanitation.

WaterStep produces portable water purification equipment such as chlorine generators and bleach makers, which can be deployed quickly after hurricanes and earthquakes. The organization also gives communities both knowledge and tools to empower them to take care of their own long-term needs. Last year, a grant from the Louisville Water Foundation helped WaterStep create a Virtual Training Center to serve field workers worldwide.

The Foundation also approved grants last year for two other Louisville-based organizations with a global reach: Water with Blessings, which works to make clean water technology available in 48 countries, and the Droplet Water Project, which is using the Foundation grant to provide clean water to more than 1,300 students at four schools in rural India.

One of the Foundation’s projects this year involves installing rainwater collection systems in Uganda. This project also includes an educational component for Ugandan students.

Louisville Water Company supports the Foundation with regular donations. The company’s employees support the Foundation as well as Water For People through a Combined Giving Campaign, an annual companywide, employee-led fundraising effort.

The American Water Works Association founded Water For People in 1991 as a response to growing global water crises. Water for People helps rural areas in developing countries gain greater access to potable water and sanitation facilities.

In the short video below, Lauren Horton, Louisville Water Digital Media Specialist, talks about why she donates to Water for People.