Cocktail or mocktail? You have plenty of options in Louisville

In Kentucky, bourbon reigns supreme. You’d be hard pressed to find a social event in Louisville where someone isn’t sniffing, tasting, crafting cocktails with, cooking with, or talking about bourbon. And yet there are countless Louisvillians who, for a myriad of reasons, choose not to consume alcohol.

For these individuals, social situations can be daunting. “Will there be an option for me? Should I even go?” they wonder. That’s where Jesse Hawkins, founder of the Mocktail Project, stepped up to help.

As a “voice for the alcohol-free community,” the Mocktail Project aims to increase the availability and popularity of crafted non-alcoholic beverages. This local group works with distillers, bars, and restaurants to put on events serving both cocktails and mocktails.

With high-quality options for both, consumers can choose their preferred drink without feeling pressure or exclusion. Mocktails have gained popularity with consumers over the past few years. Since 2017, the Mocktail Project has served more than 30,000 elevated, alcohol-free options to our community.

Louisville Water plays an important role in the bourbon industry, but we are also strong advocates for public health and safe drinking. For those choosing to consume alcohol, we recommend two glasses of our great-tasting drinking water, Louisville Pure Tap™, for every one cocktail. And for those looking for an alternative option, we are proud to support the Mocktail Project.

Pure Tap was present at a recent Mocktail Project event at the Frazier History Museum. In addition to cocktails and mocktails from local mixologists, the event featured a Pure Tap infused water bar with fresh flavors like strawberry, kiwi, and basil.

Adding fruit and herbs is an easy way to elevate your water for a special event, and it always make a great presentation too. Whether you prefer cocktails, mocktails, or our award-winning tap water, there really is an option for everyone in Louisville.