Sharing Pure Tap Love at GlobaLou

GlobaLouNot even brief rain showers could dampen the spirits of the people who attended the GlobaLou Festival at Iroquois Park on Saturday, June 1. Americana Community Center Marketing and Communications Specialist Ra Spencer was smiling ear to ear as he watched diverse groups celebrate each other.

“It really is an opportunity, not just for this neighborhood, but also for the entire Louisville community to have a space where all these cultures are coming together through food, music, shops. Organizations get to come out and tell people about what they do,” he explained.

For the second year, Louisville Water provided ice-cold Louisville Pure Tap®. Regardless of race, age, or gender, we were greeted with ‘thank yous’ and compliments about serving up great tasting water.

GlobaLouLouisville Water Community Outreach Specialist Shajuanda Barrow is a new member of the team and is already proud to share our story.

“All the work that we do to purify the water, it’s definitely important to tell people the great quality water we have here, the big source we have (Ohio River), and to take advantage of it,” Barrow said.

People stopped by to fill their cups as they wandered through the booths which included authentic foods from various cultures, clothing and crafts, and information about higher education, healthcare, transportation, and community services. Families also enjoyed inflatables, games, and live entertainment.

This was Spencer’s first GlobaLou Festival which helped raise money for the Americana’s Family Health Centers campaign. He was excited about the response as he planned the event.

GlobaLou festival“People were very enthusiastic about signing up to be a vendor and I thought that was amazing! It showed that this space is something the community wants. It’s something they make use of; People are socializing, getting to know one another, sharing their culture, making connections, all those good things.”

For Louisville Water, it’s a great opportunity to strengthen trust in the community that we take our job seriously when it comes to providing safe, high-quality water. Barrow lives in the neighborhood and embraces the diversity around her.

“You’ll hear ‘I’m not from here, I came from such and such, and it’s the best water I’ve had.”

That’s what we strive to hear.

Cheers to another successful GlobaLou. We look forward to seeing everyone again next year!