3 easy steps to avoid extraneous water charges due to leaks

water leakJust like spring weather in Louisville, household leaks are unpredictable. It could be a pinhole leak in a basement pipe that you didn’t notice.

Or possibly it could be the flapper valve in your toilet tank that’s not sealing properly. Or maybe tree roots have grown underneath your lawn and cracked your underground water service line.

Leaks happen. In fact, one in 10 homes has a leak that wastes more than 90 gallons of water per year. That leaky faucet dripping once per second wastes the equivalent of 180 showers in a year! All that wasted water can add up fast on your water bill.

Here are three easy ways to prevent an unplanned spike in your bill:

Find your shutoff valve.

If you do have a leak, shutting off your water temporarily at the main valve can save a big mess and prevent thousands of gallons from going down the drain. Locate your shutoff valve and mark it with brightly colored tape or call Louisville Water at 502-583-6610 to request a free tag.

Know your numbers.

Look at a few recent water bills to know your average monthly consumption. If you see a bill with a big, unexpected spike in water usage, you may have a leak.

Get covered. 

Louisville Water developed WaterPro Water Leak Protection PlanSM as an easy way to protect yourself against unexpected water bill increases due to leaks. Enrolling in the plan for just $3 a month provides peace of mind that you’ll be reimbursed up to $3,000 for excess water bill charges after a qualifying leak. Visit WaterProPlan.com(link is external) for more information.

Leaks are common and unpredictable. But you can take these easy steps to be better prepared. Check our website for even more ways to protect your home.