3rd Street turning two-way this week

Between Broadway and Muhammad Ali Boulevard, 3rd Street is scheduled to be converted to two-way traffic on Wed., Oct. 9. Paving will begin on Tues., Oct. 8 (delayed one day because of the rain).

Here’s more information about the conversion from Metro Public Works: “Two-way streets typically come in pairs with each serving a single direction (e.g. Jackson and Preston). During the conversion of 2nd Street, 3rd Street should have been converted to two-way. So today, 3rd Street north of Broadway is sandwiched between two-way streets: 2nd Street and 4th Street. Metro is finally in a position to remedy the “dangling pair” and convert 3rd Street north of Broadway to Liberty Street. The conversion of 3rd Street to two-way is intended to improve vehicular access, reduce speeds, and reduce driver confusion, particularly with all the visitors to our city.“