A Love for Louisville Water that Runs Deep

image of Brodericks in backyardSometimes you just happen to be in the right place at the right time. Dan Broderick happened to be at the gym when he spotted a man wearing a Louisville Water jacket.

Little did Broderick know that his conversation with one of the company’s vice presidents would lead to a treasured book and a flood of memories for his wife, Michele.

Dan Broderick has a thirst for learning about history and was curious about Louisville Water’s role in the early development of filtration. For Michele, her connection to Louisville Water runs much deeper.

“It is unusual in this day and age to find someone, like myself, who is still living in her childhood home and loving it. To say my memories run deep is an understatement,” Michele said.

From their home, she can see through the trees to the walking path around the Crescent Hill Reservoir and Gate House.

Looking at it reminds her of fun-filled weekends with her dad when she was seven or eight.

“We’d ride our bikes up and down Frankfort Avenue and there used to be an old water tower down there. Great big water tower,” she remembers. I spent my childhood walking around the reservoir, and swimming in the pool. My entire childhood. I can picture mom and dad walking around there.”

Even though she was only seven at the time, Michele Broderick also remembers the impact of the April 3, 1974 tornado.

image of 1974 tornado

“Our house was fine. It shouldn’t have been standing. The houses all around the reservoir got destroyed. It took all the water that was in the reservoir and threw it on Brownsboro Road.” Learning about the historic event was a regular part of her weekend bike rides. “There is a little monument that talks about the tornado and my dad would always stop me there and I’d have to read it to him.”


image of the Brodericks

Images of the tornado damage are captured in Water Works: 150 Years of Louisville Water Company, which Michele has already read cover to cover. Twice.

“Ever since we’ve had this (the book), we’ve been thinking about how water is a central in our life,” Dan said.

From her dad’s time in the Navy as a sailor to Michele’s love for plants and the koi pond in their backyard, water is everywhere.

“It’s my whole life,” she said. “I am so glad my husband now enjoys the same memories I have, but in a different way.”